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A new Trading Paints Downloader is available!

Steve Luvender • July 13, 2017

Great news!

We’ve just released a new update to the Trading Paints downloader program (the program you run on your computer in order to see custom paints in iRacing)—it’s our biggest update to the downloader in years. It’s been totally rebuilt for better performance and reliability.

Some of the new features include:

  • More reliable, accurate, and complete downloading, including for team events.

  • A built-in updater that ensures your Trading Paints downloader is up-to-date.

  • Simplified program options. (Advanced options are still available for the tinkerers, though.)

  • Decal layers are now mandatory downloads.

  • Only one reload per driver their paint files are downloaded. This means far fewer white flashes.

  • If you delete one of your paints or decal layers from Trading Paints, that change will now be reflected when you race.

  • Numerous additional under-the-hood features and improvements. You can track our progression on the Downloader Public Beta page.

The goal with the new downloader is that it works with as little effort as possible. We hope you can launch the Trading Paints downloader, join an iRacing session, then see all the correct custom paint schemes after a minute or two. This update gets us closer to that goal.

Thank you to those who have beta tested and shared feedback about the new downloader!

Get the new Trading Paints Downloader

We hope you enjoy. See you on the track!