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More team paints features are here!

Steve Luvender • January 9, 2020

Ahead of the 2020 team racing season, we've added some much-requested features for teams.

Team suits can now be uploaded, used for drivers on your team in team racing sessions. Under My Paints, navigate to Suits in the vehicles menu, scroll down to your list of teams, and manage your team suits from there. Drivers racing on your team will appear with the team suit defined by the team owner in team events.

Helmets can also be managed by teams and visible in team sessions. Under My Paints, navigate to Helmets in the vehicles menu, scroll down to your list of teams, and manage your team helmets in the same way you can for suits.

If your team does not have a team helmet paint assigned, your personal helmet will appear, rather than your default iRacing unpainted helmet. It is your helmet, after all!

Like team car paints, you'll have to be the owner of a team in order to manage the team's suits and helmets.

The new team helmets and team suits features are available to all Trading Paints members, Pro or free.

In addition, Trading Paints Pro team owners can now upload Custom Number team paints via their Custom Number tabs under My Paints. All drivers on the team will be able to race the Custom Number team paint.

Keep in mind, if you want to see Custom Number paints in official iRacing races, you'll need to enable the "Hide Car Numbers" option in your iRacing graphics settings (or, race in a hosted or league session where the Hide Car Numbers option is selected). Otherwise, your non-Custom Number paint will appear.

We've released an update to the Trading Paints Downloader to support these new team features. The update should be installed automatically when you restart Trading Paints.

We've also made some infrastructure improvements this week aimed to make the Trading Paints website and downloader faster and more reliable. Hopefully you'll notice improved speed while using specifically during peak load times.

Thanks for using Trading Paints. We hope adding these new team paints features makes team racing in iRacing's 24 Hours of Daytona even more enjoyable!