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Paint Builder Update Notes: February 23, 2024

Steve Luvender · February 23, 2024

We’ve released another small update to Paint Builder to make some improvements and fixes.


  • When using Mirror Clone on a layer with a skew or shadow offset applied, the X value of the skew and shadow are now taken into consideration.

  • If a driver’s name contains a number at the end of the name, the number won’t be included on the car in cases where we stamp the name on the signature rail or door, mainly on oval cars.

  • On projects with Finish (spec map) options enabled, we now include a link with information on how to generate the iRacing MIP file required to race with the Finish options in place on the Project Settings, Submit to Showroom and Race screens.


  • Fixed an issue where Paint Builder would crash when trying to load a project where an invalid layer shadow color was entered, and improved validation of entered colors to prevent errors.

  • Fixed an issue where shapes’ positions slightly moved after being drawn and inserted, particularly when the canvas was rotated.

  • Fixed an issue where some font layers caused excessive use of system memory that would sometimes result in freezing.

We hope you enjoy these updates! We’re constantly working on Paint Builder in our efforts to make it the best design tool in sim racing.