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Paint Builder Update Notes: January 3, 2024

Steve Luvender · January 3, 2024

Cheers to the New Year! We’re excited to announce the launch of exciting new features in Paint Builder to enhance your experience in customizing iRacing paints.

Highlights of today’s release include the Share Uploads feature, the ability to Mirror Clone a layer, the option to save your favorite colors, the Combine Layer Groups option, and a few minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Share Uploads

With the new Share Uploads feature, it’s now easy to share uploaded logos and layers with other Paint Builder users — as simple as sharing a code.

To share an item from your My Uploads list, open the My Uploads screen, and click the icon next to the item you wish to share. Copy the sharing code and you’re ready to share your logo or layer!

Share Uploads: Adding a shared item code

To add a shared item to your My Uploads list, open the My Uploads screen, and select the Enter Code button. Paste in the code shared with you and the item should appear in your My Uploads list, usable for any of your Paint Builder projects!

Mirror Clone

We’ve added the new Mirror Clone feature to Paint Builder that’s designed to take some of the hassle out of painting both sides of a car.

With a layer selected in a Project Editor screen, right click and choose Mirror Clone. This will duplicate the selected layer and rotate it so it’s ready for you to place it on the other side of the car — with the existing rotational value considered.

In other words, if you’ve got a logo rotated 7 degrees positioned on the passenger side of the car and you choose Mirror Clone, Paint Builder will make a copy of the layer and change its rotation to 173 degrees, perfect for the driver’s side of the car.

Save Favorite Colors

You can now save your favorite color codes in the Default Shape Settings menu so you can reference them later.

Think of it as a notepad to store colors across all your different Paint Builder projects.

Combine Layer Groups

If you’ve ever wanted to place a Shape or Graphics layer above a Logo layer in Paint Builder, you might want to give the new Combine Layer Groups option a try.

Paint Builder’s normal behavior is to separate Logos & Text, Shapes, and Graphics into their own groups, ordered logically so that logos always appear above shapes, which always appear above graphical design elements.

However, you can now override these groupings on Paint Builder projects in the Project Settings menu by selecting Combine Layer Groups. Selecting this option will combine Logos & Text, Shapes, and Graphics into a single group called Layers. This means you can place your Shapes and Graphics layers above logos if you wish — a feature that could be useful for effectively masking out portions of logos that cross seams and panels of a car.

Bug Fixes & Closing

  • Added the What’s New window on the main Projects List screen. This will highlight updates and changes to Paint Builder as they’re released.

  • Added 111 new original vector graphics to the Add Graphics menu. Find the new flame, checkered flag, and tribal patterns to make your Paint Builder projects your own.

  • A friendlier error message is now shown when you attempt to upload more than three logos at once.

  • We reformatted the My Uploads screen to make better use of space for new features and show bigger previews.

  • Improved validation for the color picker to accept hex, name, rgb, rgba, hsl, and hsla formats throughout Paint Builder.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Paint Builder to crash when a shape layer was assigned a negative position value.

  • Fixed an issue in Firefox where submitting a project to the Trading Paints Showroom triggered a pop-up blocker message.

  • Fixed a bug on the new project dialog where fully deleting the existing text caused it to reappear.

  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking a logo or graphic from the insert screen would insert the new layer twice.

We’re excited for you to try the latest Paint Builder updates! Our aim is to create the ultimate tool for designing custom paints in sim racing, and with your support, we’re making it happen. A big shoutout to our Trading Paints Pro users — your support fuels our continuous enhancement of Paint Builder with new features and improvements. Happy painting!