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Proving Grounds Challenge #1: ORCA Brakes Gen 4

Steve Luvender · June 16, 2023

We’ve got a new challenge to test your painting skills just for fun with our latest addition, Proving Grounds.

With Proving Grounds, we’ll issue a prompt—like a car, sponsor, or theme—and painters can participate by submitting an entry and competing for the top spot on the Proving Grounds page.

For the first Proving Grounds challenge, we’re celebrating our recent relaunch of Paint Builder by tasking painters to try out the app to create an ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala / Gen 4 Cup car sponsored by one of the many included fictional brands, ORCA Brakes.

So, to participate:

  • Create an ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala project in Paint Builder

  • Place ORCA Brakes logos on the car (find them in the Insert Logo menu)

  • Submit the finished project to the Showroom through the Share menu in Paint Builder — don’t forget to take some nice screenshots!

  • Include #ProvingGrounds somewhere in your description

Then, once your submission is posted, see where you stack up on the Proving Grounds page. Accumulate favorites to achieve a higher ranking on the page.

Submit your ORCA Brakes Gen 4 before the end of June to be included.

Why Proving Grounds?

Sometimes, you get that creative itch to paint something—and maybe you don’t always know what that something is. With Proving Grounds, we’ll give you some parameters; oftentimes, that’s all the creative spark you need to make something great.

And, plus, we’re all racers, meaning we’re all naturally competitive. So, why not bring that same level of competition to the paint shop?

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a “design contest” where companies try to get free work out of designers instead of hiring somebody; to be clear, this is all just for fun to showcase the many talents of the Trading Paints community and to flex that creative muscle!

Do I have to use Paint Builder?

For this challenge, yes. You’ll need to use the all-new Paint Builder and submit to the Showroom from Paint Builder in order to be included (and don’t forget #ProvingGrounds in the description).

Is ORCA Brakes a real thing?

No, ORCA Brakes is not a real product. Sorry. It’s a brand that’s made up for Paint Builder, along with dozens of others.

What are the ORCA Brakes colors, slogans, and other brand materials?

Sorry, those don’t exists. They’re up to your imagination. Feel free to use any colors or taglines you’d like. (“Never stop moving forward” is something that appears on the demo car.)

Are there prizes for the winners?

Do bragging rights count?

We might single out some of our favorite submissions and feature them on Twitter or do some other fun stuff we haven’t decided yet.

We hope you enjoy Proving Grounds, and good luck in the challenge!