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Trading Paints Downloader Update Notes: September 18, 2018

Steve Luvender • September 18, 2018

We’ve released an update to the Trading Paints Downloader program.

This version (2.0.16) contains two updates:

  • Reverted a change where the delay time between downloading a file and attempting a refresh had been reduced. Users on HDDs were reporting occasional missing paint schemes that weren’t visible until refreshing all paints with Ctrl + R.

  • Files are now served from a shiny new file server! This should increase download speed, particularly during peak load times. We expect this change will also noticeably improve website performance and reliability during peak load times.

Installation tips:

  • Trading Paints should update automatically the next time you open the program. If you still see Version 2.0.15 on your screen, close and re-open Trading Paints to trigger the Updater to grab the latest version.

  • If you see a New Version pop-up when you restart your computer, you likely still have a very old version of Trading Paints on your computer. Try uninstalling all installations of Trading Paints Downloader and grabbing the latest version.

  • If Trading Paints will not update, try running TP Updater.exe directly from your C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinode LLC\Trading Paints directory.

  • Ensure your virus protection and firewall allow Trading Paints to function; otherwise, Trading Paints may not be able to grab the update from our servers.

You can download the latest version of Trading Paints Downloader at

Thanks for using Trading Paints!