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Trading Paints Update Notes: June 4, 2019

Steve Luvender • June 4, 2019

To coincide with iRacing’s impressive Season 3 update, we’ve rolled out a few updates of our own.

My Paints

For Pro users, Custom Number paints can now be managed on a separate tab under each vehicle. This means instead of one Custom Number slot, you can now manage Custom Number paint equivalents for most of your other special-case races like night races and league events.

This also sets up the framework for us to add team Custom Number paints in the near future.


  • Added Lucas Oil Off Road Pro 2 and Lucas Oil Off Road Pro 4 trucks

  • Added NASCAR Monster Energy Ford Mustang

  • Added NASCAR Gander Outdoors Chevrolet Silverado

  • Renamed NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra to NASCAR Gander Outdoors Toyota Tundra

  • Retired NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado

  • Replaced Modified - SK

  • Replaced Modified - NASCAR Whelen Tour

  • Modifieds are now a grouped vehicle. This means when uploading to the Showroom or racing a Modified paint from the Showroom, you no longer need to maintain two different listings for what’s essentially the same vehicle.

What happens to the old paints?

iRacing has retired the NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado (2015 truck) and the old Modifieds (SK and Tour, replaced with a new model). There were hundreds of awesome Showroom submissions using the old models which are now obsolete. Rather than deleting all of these paints, we kept their URLs online – you just won’t see them in Trading Paints search results. This way, if you’re a painter, you can continue to show off your published work, even though nobody can race those cars anymore.

Other Updates

  • We’ve moved our blog from Medium to our own platform. This will give us increased flexibility and freedom.

  • We’ve made some changes to the underlying code the Trading Paints Downloader uses to grab paints from our servers with the intention of improving speed and reliability.

  • You should now see a reminder note appear if you accidentally try to upload a TGA file named “car_num …” to a non-Custom Number slot on Trading Paints. This was done to help prevent uploads to the wrong slots and avoid “double number” cars appearing by mistake.

Happy painting! See you on the track.

—Steve, Shawn, and Patrick