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Trading Paints Update Notes: September 6, 2023

Steve Luvender · September 6, 2023

Welcome to iRacing’s 2023 Season 4! We’ve made some updates on Trading Paints to coincide with the new iRacing build.

Vehicle updates

The iRacing crew was hard at work this build to bring us five — FIVE! — new vehicles.

New vehicles:
  • Added support for iRacing’s new Acura ARX-06 GTP

  • Added support for iRacing’s new Ferrari 296 GT3

  • Added support for iRacing’s new NASCAR Legends Pontiac Grand Prix - 1987

  • Added support for iRacing’s new Porsche 963 GTP

  • Added support for iRacing’s new Super Formula SF23

Support for AI-Ready Collections has been added for the following cars:
  • Acura ARX-06 GTP

  • Audi 90 GTO

  • Ferrari 296 GT3

  • Gen 4 Cup

  • NASCAR Legends Pontiac Grand Prix - 1987

  • Nissan GTP ZXT

  • Porsche 963 GTP

  • Super Formula SF23

Name updates:
  • NASCAR Buick LeSabre - 1987 has been renamed to NASCAR Legends Buick LeSabre - 1987

  • NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo - 1987 has been renamed to NASCAR Legends Chevrolet Monte Carlo - 1987

  • NASCAR Ford Thunderbird - 1987 has been renamed to NASCAR Legends Ford Thunderbird - 1987

Other changes:
  • Decal stamps have been updated for TCR cars to add the TCR logo

  • Contingency decals have been updated on Dirt Late Models, Dirt Modifieds, Dirt Sprint Cars, Dirt Street Stock, and Dirt UMP Modified

  • Number blocks and number stamp locations have been updated for GT3 cars

GT3 paint rules updates:

As of today’s build, iRacing has implemented new number boards on GT3 cars that match the same number placement as IMSA series. This change should help simplify using custom paints between official IMSA series and non-IMSA sessions. It’s a good idea once you’re finished downloading iRacing’s updates to take a look at your GT3 paints in the sim and make sure they appear the way you wish.

Be sure to grab the latest painting templates if you paint offline, or re-race your GT3 paints if you made them in Paint Builder and wish to use the new number blocks.

Reminders: clean up your paint folders and check your settings!

With a new build and new cars, it’s a good time to take a moment and clear out any temporary files that might have accumulated throughout your racing journeys.

To do this, in Windows, navigate to your Documents\iRacing folder and delete the contents of the paint directory. If you’ve got any spare temporary files left behind, they’ll be cleaned up.

Trading Paints Downloader makes an attempt to keep this folder neat and tidy for you, but sometimes files might remain in memory and aren’t deleted right away when you close Trading Paints or iRacing.

Happy painting!

– Steve, Shawn, & Patrick