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Trading Paints Update Notes: September 9, 2020

Steve Luvender • September 9, 2020

We’ve released some new web updates to Trading Paints for iRacing’s 2020 Season 4 build.


  • Added iRacing’s new Dallara P217 and Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE as selectable vehicles.

  • Adjusted consistency of verbiage throughout that refers to “racing” Showroom paints rather than “using” them.

  • Added notices and additional validation to the Forgot Password page to avoid accidentally entering email addresses instead of an iRacing Customer ID number.

Dashboard (My Paints)

  • When choosing a new paint, added an “Old Paints” option for Pro users to select from a paint used in the past.

  • Fixed a bug where vehicle-specific Helmets and Suits selected via the Favorites list were not shown when using the Custom Number tab.

  • In the “also for my...” blocks, added links to Driver Suit and Helmet to more easily manage suits and helmet uploads.

  • Adjusted verbiage used when managing vehicle-specific helmets and suits.

  • Removed the option to add a spec map or decal layer when a paint was not assigned.

  • Removed links to manage iRacing Paint Booth options as iRacing has removed the ability to manage Paint Booth options on the iRacing Member Site.

  • Adjusted the width of Sim-Stamped Number and Custom Number tabs to avoid unintentional stacking on small screen sizes.

  • Fixed a bug where deleting a Custom Number paint hid the Sim-Stamped Number active indicator in the vehicle list until the page was reloaded.

  • Fixed a bug where assigning a new paint did not add an active indicator to the vehicle list until the page was reloaded.

  • Fixed a bug on the Notifications page where Collection-related notifications appeared as Undefined.


  • Fixed a bug where uploading a personal paint via the upload screen did not apply spec maps or decal layers.

  • The Showroom paint view page will now track the number of paint file edits and the date of the most recent edit. Note that edits prior to this feature release were not tracked and will not be displayed.

  • Links to Trading Paints Showroom URLs are now expanded into mini preview blocks in Showroom paint descriptions. This will improve the functionality and appearance of linking to matching cars, helmets, and suits.

  • Added the option to define Instagram and Twitch usernames/URLs.

  • Added links to users’ social pages inside the “About the Painter” block.

  • Fixed a bug where apostrophes did not save in Showroom paint descriptions.

  • Added a fun illustration to the success screen when racing a paint from the Showroom.

  • Added a loading indicator to the “Race this paint?” confirmation screen to show the page is working.

  • Added a prompt to confirm deleting a comment to avoid accidental deletion.

  • Added the ability to assign wheel styles as Brushed and Semigloss in the Paint Booth Info while uploading to match iRacing’s newest wheel styles.

  • On the “Race This Paint” and “Racing This Paint” buttons, added a “Custom Number Paint” label to Custom Number paints.

  • When racing a Showroom paint, clicking the purple “Racing this paint” button will now go to the corresponding section of My Paints to manage or un-assign the paint for that vehicle.

  • Adjusted the appearance of the Official Paint badge. When uploading a Custom Number paint, removed number-color and number-style options in the Paint Booth Info step as those options do not apply.

  • Removed links to manage iRacing Paint Booth options as iRacing has removed the ability to manage Paint Booth options on the iRacing Member Site.

  • Adjusted verbiage, ordering and appearance of Showroom paint page properties.

  • Fixed a bug where the final row of paints on the My Paints page was duplicated.

  • Fixed a bug where Showroom authors were not able to remove comments.

  • Fixed a bug where Pro membership badges were not displayed on the list of drivers racing a paint.

  • Fixed a bug where commenters could trigger an email notification to themselves if replying to their own comment.

  • Fixed a bug where an empty box would appear on users’ profiles without any web or social links set.

  • Fixed a bug where placeholder text was used in the “About Custom Number Paints” modal.

  • Fixed a bug when uploading a Showroom paint where the Paint Booth car number field was not re-added after the Sim-Stamped Number tab was selected.

  • Fixed a bug where some user photos were not resized correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where a Collection creator could add a paint to a collection via direct URL input from a blocked user.

  • Fixed a bug where deleting a comment would appear to also delete child comments until the page was reloaded.

We hope you enjoy these new updates. Happy painting!

—Steve, Shawn, and Patrick