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Trading Paints Update Notes: April 13, 2021

Steve Luvender • April 13, 2021

We've released some updates to the Trading Paints website today.


  • Implemented a refreshed look and feel with updated fonts, buttons, and colors.

  • Updated the main menu bar to include more frequently-accessed items.

  • Clicking the Upload button at the top of the page now defaults to the personal (My Paints) upload option instead of a Showroom submission. 

  • Adjusted caching practices to increase website speed and performance. 

  • Adjusted verbiage of some notification types.

  • Added the Pro badge next to your name in the user dropdown menu if you're a Pro user.

Dashboard (My Paints)

  • Added a new "No paint selected" graphic.

  • Added new illustrations throughout and replaced existing illustrations with newer, crisper vector images. 

  • The Sim-Stamped Number and Custom Number tabs now stick to the top of the page when scrolling.

  • When selecting a vehicle from the vehicles list, the Custom Number tab now appears by default if a Custom Number paint is assigned. (Previously, the Sim-Stamped Number tab would appear by default and some users reported "missing" paints that were actually available on the Custom Number tab.)

  • The "Choose paint" dropdowns have been re-labeled to "Paint options".

  • On Customer Number tabs, added a more visible note about the need to enable "Hide car numbers" in iRacing graphics options in order for Custom Number paints to appear.

  • Added a new helper pop-up (accessed via "?" icon) explaining the differences between Sim-Stamped Number paints and Custom Number paints.

  • Added several new help pop-ups explaining various features. 

  • Added deep-links to Sim-Stamped Number and Custom Number tabs for each vehicle.

  • Moved Paint Builder options into the "Choose new paint" pop-up.

  • Added links to download iRacing painting templates into the "Choose new paint" pop-up.

  • Added a back arrow to the "Old paints" list when navigating there from the "Choose new paint" pop-up.

  • Added a note to the NASCAR Ford Thunderbird - 1987, Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE, and BMW M4 GT3 - Prototype vehicle screens with a reminder to change the iRacing UI default paint scheme to avoid "ghosted" decals created by an iRacing spec map.

  • Fixed a bug where selecting a paint via the Favorites list marked as Approval-only for a team did not allow the team owner to assign the paint.

  • Fixed a bug where racing an old paint changed both Sim-Stamped Number and Custom Number paints; now, only the paint you select is changed. 

  • Fixed a bug where assigning league paints via the "Old paints" pop-up would assign the paint to your primary paint slot.

  • Fixed a bug where the option to remove a spec map from a Showroom-assigned paint appeared.

  • Fixed a bug where selecting a vehicle-specific Helmet or Suit upload caused the page title to be changed to "Helmets" or "Suits" instead of the chosen vehicle.

  • Fixed a bug where the Leagues & Series block disappeared when going to the Suits tab and then to another vehicle's tab.


  • Showroom "cards" have been updated to improve emphasis on images and painter names. Painter profile photos are now included on Showroom listing pages alongside names.

  • Paint listing pages have a new layout that emphasizes painter-uploaded images.

  • Line breaks/paragraphs are now allowed in Showroom descriptions.

  • Updated empty-state messages for more helpful and descriptive instructions.

  • Adjusted style and visibility of Accepting Requests indicator on profile pages.

  • Added painters' social links to Showroom paint pages.

  • Added an option to include a link to a YouTube channel in user bios.

  • Disabling comments on a Showroom paint no longer requires a Trading Paints Pro membership.

  • Removed "from" filter dropdown when logged out (there was only one option).

  • When racing a Showroom paint from a Showroom listing page, clicking the "My Paints" button now deep-links to the corresponding location on your My Paints page.

  • When racing a Custom Number paint from the Showroom, a message appears reminding you to enable "Hide car numbers" in your iRacing graphics settings in order for Custom Number paints to load.

  • Changed appearance of Collections listings in the "Add to Collection" dropdown button for AI-enabled Collections on vehicles that don't support AI.

  • Removed description requirement on Showroom uploads. Sometimes, the pictures speak for themselves!

  • On Showroom listings for archived cars (e.g. the old Super Late Model), removed the # drivers racing count (because nobody can race those cars).

  • Adjusted the appearance of the Edit Showroom Paint page to more closely match the Upload Showroom Paint page.

  • Added information about verified official paints when clicking the verified badge on a Showroom listing page.

  • Added information about spec maps when clicking the spec map icon on a Showroom listing page.

  • Fixed a bug where racing a grouped vehicle (e.g. Dirt Sprint Cars, Modifieds) would display a checkmark even if you are no longer actively racing that paint.

  • Fixed a bug where entering a search term and clicking the search button didn't trigger a search.

  • Fixed an issue where, when replacing a spec map in a Showroom paint, spec maps were sometimes not copied to end-user accounts correctly.

  • Fixed an issue on profile pages where going to the Collections tab and then selecting another tab wouldn't hide the Collections tab content.

  • Fixed an issue where Collections would not appear if a user had 12 or more public collections.

  • Fixed a bug when confirming to race a grouped-vehicle Showroom paint, the parent vehicle name would appear (e.g. Dirt Sprint Cars) instead of the name of the vehicle actually selected (e.g. Dirt Sprint Car - 410).

  • Fixed a bug when confirming to race a grouped-vehicle Showroom paint, both the Sim-Stamped Number and Custom Number variants of the confirm dialog would open.

  • Fixed a bug where spaces were allowed at the beginning of Collection names, causing them to not work as iRacing AI carsets.

  • Fixed a bug where double-spaces were allowed in Collection names, causing them to not work as iRacing AI carsets.

  • Fixed a bug where favoriting a paint or viewing who raced or favorited a paint on the Collections listing pages didn't work. 

  • Fixed a bug on the Upload screen where, when a Personal paint option was selected for a grouped vehicle (e.g. Dirt Sprint Cars, Modifieds), the paint was not being assigned. 

  • Fixed a bug where driver names would sometimes duplicate in the list of drivers racing a paint.

  • Fixed a bug on Approval-only Showroom listings where some driver images were not displayed on the list of pending requests to race a paint.

New Page: Painting Templates

  • The Painting Templates page has been added. This page links to the PSD painting templates offered by iRacing for most cars.


  • Fixed a bug where Free users could check a box for "Email me when someone shares a Paint Builder project with me".

  • Fixed a bug where password change fields weren't appearing if you jumped to the Change Password section of the page via the navigation menu.

We hope you enjoy these updates! We've got lots more fun projects in the works. Happy painting!

— Steve, Shawn, and Patrick