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Trading Paints Update Notes: April 27, 2016

Steve Luvender • April 27, 2016

We’re releasing an update today to bring more improvements and stability to Trading Paints.

First, we reached an incredible milestone on April 19th — 50,000 registered, verified iRacing drivers! Thank you for your support since we launched just over six years ago. We’re thrilled to be part of the iRacing community and give everybody a platform for sharing their paints.

Here’s what’s new:

My Paints

Added the ability to navigate to/from and refresh a page after selecting a vehicle by giving each vehicle selection a URL.

Added the ability to drag a paint file onto the screen to upload.

Fixed “Choose paint” screen on iOS devices.

Pro: Fixed issue where vehicle-specific suits were not saving correctly.

Pro: Added decal layers for night paints.

Pro: Fixed issue where decal layer uploads would hang on “processing…” screen.


Added a “Following” filter to display only paints of drivers you’re following.

Added a “Back to results” button when viewing a Showroom search result, which will return you to your previous position on the screen.

Showroom will now retain your page scrolling position if navigating away and back.

Added the ability to drag a paint file onto the upload screen to upload.

Added the ability to drag an image preview onto the upload screen to upload.

Removed “.tga” and unnecessary characters from pre-populated titles when uploading a paint.

Fixed issue where sharing some paints with special characters in their names were not sharing properly.

You will now receive a notification if someone likes one of your comments.

Adjusted navigation so that selecting “Showroom” goes to the Showroom page; in addition, options for Following and Popular have been added.

Fixed issue where “parsererror” error message was displayed when trying to use some paints.

Added a loading indicator when pressing a Favorite button.

Pro: Added an indicator to your list of Showroom paints to indicate if a paint is unlisted.


A new version of the Trading Paints program has been released. Updates include:

Stopped checking program version when iRacing is open.

Now suppressing all known possible alert messages to avoid iRacing interruptions.

Added a slight delay between downloading paints and refreshing in iRacing. Previously, Trading Paints triggered refreshes too quickly, which sometimes caused the need for users to press Ctrl + R to reload paints from the folder in order to actually see them.

Fixed issue where some paints with decal layers refreshed constantly.

Added new Trading Paints branding.

Hid Apply and Cancel buttons unless changes were made.

Now allowing driver name as a valid login (in addition to iRacing Customer ID number and email).

Now deleting old decal layers on your computer if they no longer exist on Trading Paints.

Added connection check to help some users avoid version error if running Trading Paints on startup.

Added a “Refresh Cars” button when iRacing is running. In cases of issues, this button will effectively remove all existing paints for drivers in your session, re-download their latest paints, and reload the paints into iRacing. The process could take several minutes. This button is not intended to be used in normal cases, as the program is designed to do this automatically.

Added a “quiet” indicator if a new version of Trading Paints is available for download.

Other improvements in stability and security.


Now showing 25 inbox messages by default instead of 10 messages.

Fixed issue where users without a profile photo taking action would show a broken image in your list of notifications.

Fixed issue where message titles with an apostrophe character were adding a “\” before the apostrophe.

Fixed issue where you could not send another user a message unless you followed the recipient.

Added notification for when someone replies to one of your comments.

Added message body text to emails that are sent when a message is received.

Migrated all sent emails to a new third-party provider.

Added loading indicator when sending a message.

Pro: Fixed issue where “Requests” was not highlighted in the menu when selecting Requests to use your paints.


Fixed issue where top bar was rendering incorrectly on some handheld devices.

Added Showroom search to handheld devices when logged in.

Fixed issue where a “yikes” or “error” alert would appear when clicking between screens quickly.

Added some additional detail to Pro upgrade pages, particularly around specific Pro features.