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Trading Paints Update Notes: March 12, 2016

Steve Luvender • March 12, 2016

We’re releasing a small update today — the first on our new 7-week update schedule, not unlike iRacing’s 13-week updates. We’ve got some small tweaks and updates to make Trading Paints even better.

Here’s what’s new:

The Trading Paints Blog

Hey, we’ve got a blog! It’ll be our home to keep you posted with updates like this. We plan to eventually grow the blog into a resource where we share what’s going on in the painting world, in addition to what’s happening at Trading Paints.

My Paints

Added an indicator to the vehicle list if you have a custom paint active for that vehicle.

Added a mask layer to your paint scheme previews on My Paints. In short, it’ll be easier to see your paint. This will only apply to new paints you select or upload.

Added an upload button to My Showroom Paints.

Pro: Added a decal layers Help popup with information about decal layers.


On paint scheme pages, added an informational notice if a paint is one of the top 20 trending paints at the close of a particular day. This notice will show the highest rank a paint as reached and is calculated at the end of each day.

Adjusted the appearance of paint schemes with long names on the Showroom page and search results listings.

Added a painter’s total number of times their paints have been favorited to profile pages (scroll to view).

Added an indicator to drivers’ profile pages if they are following you (scroll to view).

Updated vehicle selection on Showroom upload section to match the functionality on My Paints.

Paint Builder

Fixed a bug where dragging to reorder layers was not working.

Fixed a bug where the active layer was not highlighted in the layers list.

Added new Trading Paints logos.

Added Berryinher Liquor Co. logo.

Added Drive First logos.

Added Rhinode logos.


Signup: If an iRacing Customer ID is entered, the page now shows the matching driver name. This will ensure new drivers have entered the correct Customer ID when signing up.

Various backend updates for additional stability and security.

We hope you enjoy the updates, and look forward to sharing the next update in 7 weeks.